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Insul-Lock® insulation products and accessories are widely recognized by the HVACR and Plumbing wholesale trade. They offer superior product characteristics such as cold weather flexibility, durable skin surface and exacting manufacturing tolerances.

Insul-Lock® Seam-Seal pipe insulation is an environmentally friendly, CFC-free, flexible elastomeric insulation, pre-slit with a factory-applied pressure sensitive adhesive. It is black in color and identified as Insul-Lock® Seam-Seal. This superior closed cell insulation is designed to retard heat flow and prevent condensation when properly installed. Insul-Lock® Seam-Seal pipe insulation is pre-slit with a factory applied specially formulated bonding adhesive applied to both seam surfaces and comes with convenient built-in release liners which allow for easy installation. Insul-Lock® Seam-Seal has the same excellent insulation properties as standard Insul-Tube® and is used on similar applications such as refrigerant lines, cold water plumbing, roof drains and chilled water systems. Insul-Lock® Seam- Seal can be used with heat tracing/heat tapes.

Insul-Lock uses the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) seam-seal system. The PSA system enables the user to fit the tube over the pipe, peel back the release liner and apply pressure to close (starting at the ends and working your way to the center) to install your insulation in seconds! This system guarantees a strong, durable seal without the risk of messy adhesives that could spill.

Insul-Lock® Seam-Seal is non-porous, non-fibrous and resists mold growth. An EPA registered antimicrobial agent is incorporated into the product providing additional protection against mold, fungal and bacterial growth.

K-Flex USA elastomeric insulation products are GREENGUARD® certified as low VOC materials, meeting the requirements of the Children and Schools classification, the most stringent requirements. Additionally, all K-Flex USA elastomeric insulation products are GREENGUARD® listed for mold resistance and meet the "mold resistant" criteria.

Features and Benefits:
  • Faster install
  • Ideal for straight runs
  • Moisture vapor resistance
  • Seam seal pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for quick and easy installation with no mess
  • Withstands temperature ranges of -70°F to 200°F (-57°C to 93°C)
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Systems
    • Air conditioning
    • Cold water
    • Chilled water
    • Refrigeration
    • Duct wrap
    • Hot water
  • Projects
    • Commercial/multi-family housing
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Schools
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3" Pipe
Wall Thickness:
Length (Feet):
6 ft.
Operating Temp Range:
-70°F to 200°F
3-6 PCF
Water Absorption:
<0.20% by volume
Chemical/Solvent Resistance:
Mildew Resistance/Air Erosion:
Ozone Resistance:
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