LG Ductless Mini-Split Systems

LG ductless mini-split air Conditioners and heat pump models include the LG art cool mini-split line, standard mini-split air conditioners for a single zone, and multi split air conditioners for dual and tri-zone. These LG mini-split systems vary by function, look, and output. ***NOTE: LG mini-split systems should be installed by a certified technician.

Manuals -

Single Zone Mini-Split Air Conditioners

LG Mini-Split Standard systems utilize the same duct-free technology as Art Cool un

Art Cool Mini-Split Air Conditioners

The slim, contemporary styling of the Art Cool models will appeal to today’s di

Flex Multi-Split Ductless Air Conditioners

Flex Multi-Split Systems The larger, Flex Multi-Split systems operate two, three inte

LG Mini-Split Install Kits

Here you will find install kits for various models of LG Mini-Split Systems. These k

LG Mini Split Parts

This category contains various LG Mini Split parts such as Thermistors, boards, remot