MGPD-1C18 Duplex Grinder Pump Control Panel and Alarm 208/230V Zoom

MGPD-1C18 Duplex Grinder Pump Control Panel and Alarm 208/230V


Brand: Little Giant

Little Giant
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Type: Automatic
Application: Plumbing
Features: Snap Action Float Switch
Horse Power:
Weight (lbs): 20 lbs

Description for Little Giant 513375


MGPD-1C18 is a Duplex Grinder Pump Control Panel & Alarm, HOA switch, 208/230 Volts, single phase, 60 Hz - designed exclusively for the 2HP GP Series grinder pumps. MGPD-1C18 Duplex Grinder Control Panel & Alarm provides a reliable means of controlling a Duplex (two pumps) system in a sewage application. The system consists of a control panel and requires four Float level switches (4 Floats must be purchased separately). The control panel components include combination motor starters, start and run capacitors, start relays, pump connection terminal blocks, incoming power terminal block, ground lugs and all necessary wiring and brackets. Little Giant MGPD-1C18 features properly sized start capacitor, run capacitor and start relay which provide increased starting torque and smooth, efficient operation. The HOA switch allows for "Hand" (manual), "Off" or "Automatic" operation. The corrosion-resistant indoor and outdoor NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosures with pad lock are factory pre-assembled. The new MGPD-1C18 boasts a red visual alarm light, alarm buzzer and silence switch (with automatic reset feature) and are accessible inside the lockable front of the panel. The combination motor starter of MGPD-1C18 consists of a motor starter protector (MSP) and mating magnetic motor contactor. The MSP built-in protective switches provides the combined functions of circuit breakers and an adjustable overload relay. Functioning as circuit breakers, the MSP provides protection from high amperage short circuit over-current, while functioning as an overload relay, protection from overload type over-currents is also provided.


  • Extends pump life by alternating pumps every cycle
  • Properly sized start components maximize efficiency and service life of the GP grinders
  • Color-coded terminal strip for ease of installation
  • Circuit breaker, audible alarm, silence switch and Visual Alarm Signal Device
  • Four control floats required (purchased separately) control on, off, and alarm functions
  • Controls pump and warns of high liquid levels
  • Corrosion-resistant NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure with pad lock provision
  • HOA switch allows for "Hand" (manual), "Off" or "Automatic" operation
  • Alarm ON/OFF switch controls the power to
  • Contains start and run capacitors and start relay necessary for proper motor operation and third party approval
  • UL and CSA listed

MGPD-1C18 Duplex Grinder Pump Control Panel and Alarm 208/230V

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