Make your money work for you! By choosing an Energy Saver indirect water heater, the same energy spent to hydronically heat your home can heat your domestic hot water. The Energy Saver indirect water heater is a smart answer to the question of how to keep your fuel costs down.

The Energy Saver is an indirect-fired, potable water storage vessel. It accepts heat from an external heat source, such as a Solution or KNIGHT® Heating Boiler. By sharing heat for two purposes, efficiency results.

How It Works:
Space heating fluid is heated as it passes through an external heating source. That fluid then passes through the Energy Saver internal heat exchanger, a single wall, highly conductive tube that is immersed in the storage vessel. As it passes through the heat exchanger, heat is shared between the space heating fluid and the domestic water in the storage vessel. The result: Two supplies of hot water from one efficient source.

  • Non-CFC Foam Insulation - Improved formulation provides uniform tank coverage with a 2" thick blanket of insulating foam. This non-CFC polyurethane closed cell foam minimizes standby losses and maximizes heat retention. Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 90.1b. (Current Edition)
  • Glass-Lined Steel Tank - The tank is automatically formed, rolled, and welded to ensure a continuous seam for the glass lining. The durable glass lining is fused to the interior of the tank at 1600°F to assure lasting protection against rust and corrosion while providing clean hot water.
  • Large Capacity Single Wall, Glass Coated Heat Exchanger Coil
  • Aluminum Tank Saver Anode Rods (3) - High capacity anode rod provides protection from the effects of electrolytic corrosion
  • Dielectric Nipples - Factory installed waterways protect the tank from the corrosive action between dissimilar metals, while providing piping convenience.
  • Tank is 150# Working Pressure (standard)
  • Adjustable Aquastat - The temperature may be adjusted from 80°F to 160°F.
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
  • Brass Drain Valve
  • Warranty - Ten year limited tank warranty. Six year warranty on parts.
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Capacity (Gallons):
Height (Inches):
Diameter (Inches):
Weight (lbs):
196 lbs
10 yr Tank/6 yr Parts Limited
Glass-Lined Steel Tank
Water Connection:
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