Lochinvar's Stainless Steel Buffer Tanks are designed provide thermal storage volume and hydraulic separation of the boiler or heat pump and the building distribution system. A properly applied buffer tank will reduce cycling (short cycling), which will lead to longer runtimes, higher efficiencies and longer equipment life. Squire buffer tanks can be used in geothermal, chilled applications, and any system with low-mass boilers.

Thermal Storage
Hydronic buffer tanks are utilized to provide thermal storage volume when the system demand is less than the lowest firing rate of the boiler. This occurs most often when there are "micro" zones in the distribution system whose demand is below the minimum firing of the boiler. Under these conditions the boiler fires at its minimum rate, which is more energy than can be absorbed by the distribution system, and shuts off because of high return temperatures before the "micro" zone's call for heat is satisfied. The boiler system continues to receive a call for heat and fires again. The "micro" zone cannot absorb all the energy produced by the boiler, and again the boiler shuts off because of high return temperatures. With the volume provided by the tank the additional energy not utilized by the "micro" zone can be stored in the buffer tank and used when there are additional heating demands.

Hydraulic Separation
Lochinvar's Squire Buffer tanks also function as hydraulic separators, effectively separating the flow in the boiler loop from the flow in the distribution system. This is beneficial when the flow rate in the distribution system is different than the flow rate of the boiler system. It can be very important when there is a variable speed pump in the distribution system whose flow rate can be less than that of the boiler pump.

Standard Features
  • R-13.4 insulation for minimal heat loss
  • Textured, impact resistant polymer jacket
  • Light-weight 316L stainless steel tank construction
  • Bulbwell
  • Drain and air vent connections
  • 5 year tank warranty
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Capacity (Gallons):
Supply Connection:
2" NPT
Return Connection:
2" NPT
Diameter (Inches):
Product Type:
Buffer Tank
Weight (lbs):
153 lbs
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