Use on vent opening to protect breather hole from rain, snow, foreign particles and insects.
  • Vent protector must be mounted in an upright position
  • For outdoor use in 325-3, 325-3L, RV48, RV52, RV53, RV61, RV81, R500S and R600S.
  • NOT a vent limiting device (vent limiters are designed for use indoors)
NOTE: 13A15-5 vent protector kit (3/8" NPT) is available for 325-5A and 325-5AL
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Accessory For:
R600S Series
R500S Series
RV61 Series
RV53 Series
RV52 Series
325-3L Series
RV48 Series
RV81 Series
325-3 Series
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Connection Type:
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