2" Balanced Valve Regulator (12,000,000 BTU) Zoom

2" Balanced Valve Regulator (12,000,000 BTU)


Brand: Maxitrol

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Size: 2"
Capacity: 12000000 BTU
Max Pressure (PSI): 10 psi
Fuel Type: Natural Gas

Description for Maxitrol 210E-2

The 210 series is a lock-up type regulator and complies with codes using this specification.

The 210 series has been designed for maximum control function in an easy to use package. The series is intended for use with gas-fired boilers, steam generators, industrial furnaces, ovens, and similar high demand equipment.

When selecting pipe size, make sure regulators are not more than one size smaller or larger than manifold pipe size. Gas flow must be oriented to arrow on the bottom casting. At exposures to maximum emergency levels, the regulator will suffer no internal damage, but it may provide accurate regulation. See Maxitrol's "Spring Chart" under Manuals for complete selection of spring ranges on all models.

Convenient tap locations are provided for downstream sensing, cross connections, and differential control. Four locations can be tapped and plugged for measuring pressure.

Note: This product should be installed by a licensed gas fitter.

2" Balanced Valve Regulator (12,000,000 BTU)

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