1/2" Gas Appliance Regulator (300,000 BTU)

1/2" Gas Appliance Regulator (300,000 BTU)


Brand: Maxitrol

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Size: 1/2"
Capacity: 300000 BTU

Description for Maxitrol R400S-1/2

These regulators are capable of controlling pressure at very low flows such as standing pilots, but should not be used as a line gas pressure regulator for appliances equipped with electronic ignition unless automatic control valve can open against line pressure.

The R & RS series is intended for use with both main burner and pilot load applications. The double diaphragm balanced valve design makes it possible to build a regulator physically small in size yet having good capacity characteristics. They are able to maintain steady outlet pressure control with widely varying inlet pressures. The high quality molded balancing diaphragm eliminates the inlet pressure effect acting on the valve.

Note: This product should be installed by a licensed gas fitter.

1/2" Gas Appliance Regulator (300,000 BTU)

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