PS-802-24, Electronic, 24V Low Water Cut-Off (Steam) Zoom

PS-802-24, Electronic, 24V Low Water Cut-Off (Steam)


Brand: Mcdonnell & Miller

Mcdonnell & Miller
153917 has been discontinued.
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SKU: 153927-LWCO
Brand: Mcdonnell & Miller


Application: Steam Boilers
Type: Electronic
Reset Type: Automatic
Max Temp (F): 250°F
Max Pressure (PSI): 15 psi (Steam)
Sensitivity: 7000 ohms
Max Ambient Temp (°F): 120°F
Delay on Break Timer: 10 seconds
Delay on Make Timer: 15 seconds
Electrical Ratings (AFL): 7.2 A @ 120 VAC
3.75 A @ 240 VAC
Electrical Ratings (ALR): 43.2 A @ 120 VAC
21.6 A @ 240 VAC

Description for Mcdonnell & Miller 153917

Low Water Cut-Off - Electronic For Steam Boilers (Series PS-800)


  • For residential and commercial applications
  • Electronic operation
  • User-friendly diagnostics
    • Red low water and shorted probe LED
    • Green power and test LED
  • Higher probe sensitivity: 7,000 ohms
  • No lock out with loss of power if probe is in water
  • Delay on Make (DOM) feature (15 seconds)
  • Delay on Break (DOB) feature (10 seconds)
  • No blow down of control required when mounted directly into boiler tappings
  • Test button standard on all models
  • Options available include
    • Manual reset
    • Extended barrel and remote sensor models
    • 120 volt and 24 volt models (24 volt models meet ANSI specification Z21.13a)
  • Power consumption 1.7 VA
  • Provisions to add alarm or automatic water feeder
  • Maximum ambient temperature 120°F (49°C)
  • Maximum steam pressure 15 psi (1 kg/cm2)
  • Maximum water temperature 250°F (121°C)

PS-802-24, Electronic, 24V Low Water Cut-Off (Steam)

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