M12 Cordless M-Spector AV Multimedia Camera Kit (17mm) Zoom

M12 Cordless M-Spector AV Multimedia Camera Kit (17mm)


Brand: Milwaukee

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Product Type: Camera
LCD Display: 0.7"(17mm)
Adjustable Image Zoom: 4x
LED Brightness: 4x
Display Resolution: 320x240
Features: Waterproof Cable
Auto Shut-Off
Running Time: 12 Hours
Battery Type: M12 LITHIUM-ION Battery Pack
Batteries Included: 1
Includes: Carry Case
(1) M12 LITHIUM-ION Battery Pack

Description for Milwaukee 2311-21


The M-Spector AV M12 Cordless Multimedia Camera Kit is the next generation of professional inspection technology for Milwaukee Electric Tool. With the addition of picture, audio and video capabilities, professionals can now inspect and document issues, download the information to their computer and send visual confirmation to a customer or supervisor for review. The new M12 M-Spector AV is available with a 17mm digital flexible camera cable (2311-21) for general applications or a 9.5mm analog flexible camera cable (2312-21) for automotive applications.


  • 2GB Memory Card (included) records 90 minutes of audio/video or 7,600 photos
  • USB Cable for downloading files to a computer
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Rotate both live and captured images
  • 4X zoom, 4X LED brightness control, and auto-shut off
  • 2311-20 M-SPECTOR AV
  • 17mm Camera Cable
  • 2 GB Memory Card
  • USB Cable
  • (1) M12 LITHIUM-ION Battery Pack
  • Charger
  • Carrying Case

M12 Cordless M-Spector AV Multimedia Camera Kit (17mm)

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