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Type: Filter

Description for Nu-Calgon 4190-02

Humidi-Treat is designed for humidifiers using up to 25 gallons per day, and will inhibit scale for one season. Install Humidi-Treat on the water line that supplies water directly to the humidifier.


  • Clean pad or install new pad before installing Humidi-Treat.
  • For best results humidifier should have a daily dump of water from the sump to diminish scale forming minerals.
  • Install a new Humidi-Treat before each heating season.

    Installation Steps:
  • Shut off water.
  • Disconnect existing filter or cut water line where filter is to be installed.
  • Install water line directly into the John Guest fitting at each end of the Humidi-Treat cartridge.
  • Insure proper direction of water flow and connect inlet and outlet. USE TWO WRENCHES.
  • Carefully turn on the water and check for leaks.
  • Check the filter after approximately 8 hours for slight leaks not visible during initial installation.

  • Humidi-Treat

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