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Foam-Tite Insulation Tape


Brand: Nu-Calgon

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Type: Insulation
Length (Feet): 30 ft.
Width: 2"

Description for Nu-Calgon 4219-12

Foam-Tite Insulation Foam Tape is formulated from the highest quality closed cell elastomeric thermal insulation material. It can be used on all sizes of tubing and pipes, including iron pipe, steel and copper, as well as tees, valves and fittings. It can be used on cold water pipes, chilled water and refrigerant lines to prevent sweating and condensation. And, because of its excellent insulating capabilities, can also be used to insulate hot water lines for protection against heat loss. Keeps cold lines cold and hot lines hot. Edges can be overlapped or they can be butted.

Foam-Tite Insulation Tape

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