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Micromet Crystals


Brand: Nu-Calgon

4243-97 has been discontinued.
Please contact customer service at
(888) 757-4774 for help finding an alternative.



Type: Scale Inhibitor

Description for Nu-Calgon 4243-97

Micromet Crystals Benefits:
This treatment has been used for more than 50 years to prevent scale formation and corrosion in recirculating cooling water systems. When placed in a feeder on the make-up water line, the crystals dissolve about 25%, per month. For most waters, the initial charge is 1/4 pound of crystals per ton of refrigeration. Each month 25% of the initial charge should be added to the feeder. Many users prefer Micromet Crystals because they can add a definite amount of treatment each month when they check the system.

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Micromet Crystals

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