Zerol 200TD Refrigeration Oil, 1 Gal. Zoom

Zerol 200TD Refrigeration Oil, 1 Gal.


Brand: Nu-Calgon

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Size: 1 Gallon
Type: Refrigeration Oil

Description for Nu-Calgon 4308-07

Zerol Refrigeration Oil is a high quality, synthetic alkylbenzene refrigeration oil. It's similar in many ways to natural mineral oils but has superior properties that make it particularly valuable in refrigeration and air conditioning applications. It's recommended for use in all refrigeration & air conditioning applications using CFC & HCFC refrigerants, and HCFC blends such as R-401a since it provides many distinct advantages like: excellent miscibility, thermal stability, compatibility with mineral oils, and excellent clean-up/and flushing oil.

Zerol 200TD Refrigeration Oil Features Include:

  • Solvency
  • High Miscibility
  • Low Foaming
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Low Floc Point Quality
  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Zerol 200TD Refrigeration Oil, 1 Gal.

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