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Thermo-Trap Gel, 4 fl oz


Brand: Nu-Calgon

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Size: 4 oz
Type: Coil Protector

Description for Nu-Calgon 4371-53

Thermo-Trap Gel is a heat sink that has an extremely high capacity for absorbing heat. Applied to the metal working surface between the area to be heated and the material to be protected, Thermo-Trap Gel absorbs the heat, preventing heat transfer. This keeps heat from spreading beyond the work area, protecting components, installed fittings and other sensitive parts safe from damage.

Special Features

  • Adheres to all surfaces
  • Will not melt or run
  • Cleans up easily
  • Will not stain work surfaces
  • Harmless to skin and clothing
  • Odorless
  • 100% Biodegradable

Use Thermo-Trap Gel to:
  • Apply to copper, steel or other pipe surfaces before welding, brazing or soldering to protect nearby sensitive controls or components
  • Protect adjacent surface areas from over-heating or damage prior to welding, brazing or soldering
  • Cool down heated surfaces
  • Prevent fires in adjacent areas when welding, brazing or soldering

Thermo-Trap Gel, 4 fl oz

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