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4JT Flushing/Sanitizing Cartridge


Brand: Nu-Calgon

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Type: Filter

Description for Nu-Calgon 4621-00

The preferred way to introduce ScaleKleen Scale Remover or other sanitizing solutions (IMS-II) into all water-using equipment and vending machines. Fits into existing Everpure filter heads. Eliminates the need for difficult component disassembly. Easy and convenient to help you clean and maintain equipment. Approved by NAMA. In manufacturing the carbon, the activation process creates millions of micropores. The pores are sized and formulated to remove common household VOC's (volatile organic compounds). Odors are pulled by molecular action in to tiny pores and held.

Nu-Calgon commercial water filters are an excellent choice for humidifiers. The water you breathe and smell is as important as the water you drink. NuCalgon the professional choice for coffee machines and ice makers share the same water quality problems as a humidifier.

Each end has a 1/4" FPT connection. The Micro-Carbon 4 is NSF-listed to standard 42 for taste, odor and chlorine reduction, Class I.

One filter can last up to 5-6 months, the complete humidifier season. Recommended for Steam Humidifiers requiring chlorine removal. Flow rates up to 1.0 gpm. Rated Service Life: 750 gallons. Rated burst strength over 500 psi.

4JT Flushing/Sanitizing Cartridge

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