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Oil Related Products

This category includes Firomatic Oil Valves, General Oil Filters, Firomatic Thermal Switches, Vent Caps, Suntec Oil Pumps, and oil specialty products.

Manuals -

Firomatic Oil Products

This category includes Firomatic Oil valves, Firomatic Vent Caps, and Firomatic Therm

General Fuel Oil Filters

This category includes several different models of General Fuel Oil Filters. This ca

Suntec Oil Pumps

Suntec Industries Incorporated continues to be the world's largest supplier of fuel o

Petrometer Tank Gauges & Assemblies

These Gauges are designed for use on fuel oil or other liquids of similar viscosity,

Oil Tank Valves

Series OTV Oil Tank Valves are used as a shutoff valve for oil tanks.

Oil Specialties

This category contains a variety of oil specialty products including galvanized bushi

Rocket Wireless Fuel Level Monitors

The OEM Rocket system is an electronic gauge that accurately and reliably measures th

Beckett Oil Pumps

This category contains oil pumps manufactured by Beckett.