Outlet Boxes

This category contains Sioux Chief Ox Box outlet boxes as well as PEX outlet boxes.

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Washing Machine Outlet Boxes

This category contains a variety of washing machine outlet boxes.

Ice Maker Outlet Boxes

This category contains ice maker outlet boxes.

Lavatory Outlet Boxes

Lavatory outlet boxes

Toilet/Dishwasher Outlet Boxes

Toilet/Dishwasher Outlet Boxes

Gas Outlet Boxes

This category contains gas outlet boxes.

Outlet Box Frames

Outlet box frames

More About Outlet Boxes

Outlet boxes house supply and drainage lines for various plumbing appliances including: washing machines, ice makers, toilets, and dishwashers. Outlet boxes provide safe and speedy water supply shut-off access. Sioux Chief's Ox Box outlet boxes offer separate supply and drain boxes that allow numerous installation configurations. The over-the-stud installation of the Ox Box allows for supply and drainage lines to be plumbed into separate stud bays, thereby reducing solder joints, installation time, leakage risk, and burned drain pipe. Ox Boxes eliminate the need to source and stock a different box for each application because the Ox Box is able to replace all left-drain, center-drain, right-drain, and dual drain boxes.

Ox Boxes are available with frames (standard packs) or without frames (rough in packs). Outlet Box Frames may be purchased separately. Ox Boxes are also available with or without water hammer arresters. Water hammer arresters prevent damage to pipes by absorbing the shock that occurs when water flow in pipes suddenly stops. Ox Boxes come in several inlet and outlet sizes and connection types (female sweat, CPVC and PEX). In addition to Sioux Chief outlet boxes, we also offer outlet boxes from Watts and Uponor.