32,600 BTU Mini-Split Ceiling Recessed Heat Pump & Air Conditioner - Indoor Unit Zoom

32,600 BTU Mini-Split Ceiling Recessed Heat Pump & Air Conditioner - Indoor Unit


Brand: Panasonic

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Product Type: Indoor Unit
Cooling Capacity (BTU): 32600
Moisture Removal: 10.6 pints/h
Heating Capacity (BTU): 37600
SEER: 14.6
Refrigerant Pipe Type: Flare
Dry Air Flow (Hi/Med/Low CFM): 1050/840/720
Refrigerant Pipe Length: 165 ft.
Operation Sound In.: 44/37/33 dB-A
Programmability: 7 Days/6 Events
Liquid Line: 3/8"
Suction Line: 5/8"
Height: 14-31/64"
Width: 45-9/32"
Depth (Inches): 33-55/64"
Max. Pipe Length (ft.): 165'

Description for Panasonic S-36PU1U6

***NOTE 1: Line set and grille not included. CZ-36KPU1U grille is required and must be purchased separately. This is an indoor unit only. Outdoor units (U-36PS1U6 and U-36PE1U6) must be purchased separately.

Panasonic's Ductless Split Air Conditioner products offer wide versatility in solving your cooling for a single. The Indoor unit (evaporator) is mounted inside the room, enclosed in a handsome space saving cabinet. It is connected to the outdoor unit (condenser) via refrigerant lines & inter-unit wiring through a 3-1/2" opening in the wall. Since no ductwork is required, installation is simple, fast & efficient. The indoor unit has been uniquely designed to provide Whisper Quiet operation while delivering comfort throughout the room(s). Panasonic Ductless Split Systems bring together sleek styling in wall, duct or ceiling mounted systems, with whisper quiet operations, quality & reliability you can count on.


  • Quiet Mode -low fan speed for extra quiet operation
  • 3 Fan Speeds and Automatic Fan Operation - Convenient microprocessor control automatically adjusts fan speed to High, Medium or Low. According to room temperature to maintain a comfortable airflow throughout the room.
  • Automatic Heating and Cooling Changeover (Heat Pump) After setting the temperature and functions you desire, just relax. If the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, cooling operation begins. If the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, heating operation begins. During normal thermostat cycle operation, cooling and heating operations automatically change in accordance with set temperature, time and room temperature. (Single Zone Heat Pump unit only)
  • Automatic Restart Function after Power Failure - This feature allows the system to automatically resume operation at its preset program, after power is restored from a power failure.
  • 24-hour Clock with ON/OFF Program Timer - The remote control unit allows you to set a wide variety of timer-based operations. Such functions include automatic ON/OFF with a timer setting, same time ON/OFF every day, ON timer, OFF timer and Combination timer.
  • Built-In Drain Pump - Max. head 20 inches from the discharge of the indoor unit. Condensate pump is only for allowing drain line to meet minimum gravity flow requirements.
  • Wireless Remote Control- Panasonic's infrared Remote Control & easy to read LCD Display provide the user the capability to adjust & set: temperature, sweep, fan speeds, and timer for complete automatic operation.
  • Electric Refrigerant Control Valve - The circulation volume of the refrigerant is controlled by a pulse type electric control valve. In order to attain optimum efficiency, when the power is switched ON, the opening degree of the electric control valve is controlled between 90 and 480 steps.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The product weighs 71 lbs. and may require the use of a
    lift gate.
    If you do require a lift gate at your delivery, you'll have the option to add this FREE of charge when you checkout.

32,600 BTU Mini-Split Ceiling Recessed Heat Pump & Air Conditioner - Indoor Unit

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