Panasonic WhisperWall & WhisperComfort Fans

The WhisperWall fan was designed specifically for through-the-wall mounting to provide ventilation in rooms where a ceiling mounted fan is not possible. An exterior hood with a backdraft damper is included to finish off the job. Panasonic's WhisperComfort Spot Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) offers a revolutionary way to provide balanced venilatiuon with a ceiling insert ERV. Affordable and easy to install, WhisperComfort is energy efficient and provides fresh ventilated air while maintaining indoor air quality.

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  • WhisperWall 70 CFM Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan View Specs

    $170.84 / each

    $327.90 / box
    2 x $163.95

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  • WhisperComfort 40/20 or 20/10 CFM Ceiling Spot Energy Recovery Ventilator View Specs

    $368.50 / each

    $707.90 / box
    2 x $353.95

    Non-Stock Item Allow 7-10 Days to Ship Out
  • WhisperWall FV-GL08WQ1 Through-the-Wall Indoor Grille for FV-08WQ1 View Specs

    $34.49 / each

    Non-Stock Item Allow 7-10 Days to Ship Out