Plumbing Specialties

Escutcheons, Installation Accessories, Storage Tanks, Washing Machine Accessories, Ice Maker/Dishwasher Kits, and Faucet aerators can all be found in this category.

Manuals -


Solder for copper fittings including 95/5, Super 50, and Silverbrite. The solder is

Washing Machine Accessories

Look here to find washing machine hoses, outlet boxes, washing machine kits, dishwash


Escutcheons - Chrome Plated Escutcheons, Box Escutcheons, Bell Escutcheons, and Polis

Ball Wick & Spool Wick

This category contains Ball and Spool Wicks manufactured by Wal-rich.

Hose Clamps

Look here to find a variety of stainless steel hose clamps manufactured by Wal-rich.


This section contains a variety of one size fits all gloves.


This category contains a wide variety of Tapes used in Plumbing and Heating Applicati

Faucet Aerators

This Category contains a variety of Faucet Aerators. These Faucet Aerators come in d

Compression Fittings

Compression Fittings are used for repairing broken pipes or in applications where a p

Pipe Repair Clamps

Repair clamps provide a permanent repair solution to damaged pipes. These clamps are

Trap Primers

This category contains a variety of trap primers.

Ice Maker/Dishwasher Kits

Here you will find Ice Makers, Dishwasher Kits, along with self piercing saddle valve


To install a flushometer or flush valve on a urinal you must first install a urinal s

Flange Gaskets

This section contains various Flange Gaskets manufactured by Matco Norca.

Retention Tanks

Retention vessels are designed to provide optimal contact time for chemical treatment

Reverse Osmosis Tanks

This section includes Reverse Osmosis Tanks manufactured by Amtrol. These pressurized

Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are ideal for use with gas-fired copper heat exchanger equipment and ot

Garden Hose Fittings

This category contains garden hose fittings manufactured by Watts.

Leak Repair

This category contains leak repair items from various manufacturers including Nu-Calg

Water Meter Boxes & Accessories

This category contains Water Meter Keys and accessories manufactured by Jones Stephen

Mechanical Plugs

This category contains mechanical test plugs that help seal piping or holds pressure

Clearance Items

Products found here are discounted clearance items.

More About Plumbing Specialties

Our goal is to provide solutions to everyday plumbing needs. We make it our goal to carry a wide variety of unique products and accessories to tackle any plumbing dilemma. We provide products for water purification, sewage/drainage solutions, fire prevention, leak detection, and alternative energy. Whether you need to hookup a washer machine in your home or a grease trap in your new restaurant, we have the solution.