ProPEX Style Manifolds

ProPEX style manifolds include ProPEX copper manifolds (1" copper valved manifolds, type "L" copper, featuring 1/2" ProPEX outlets and a soldered valve connection allowing for simple and easy isolation of individual loops), plastic valveless manifolds (includes Aquacenter EP Flow-Through Manifolds and EP Branch Manifolds), and Aquacenter valved manifolds (available with three or four NPSM or ProPEX outlets and made from EP, making it suitable for hot and cold-water distribution systems).

Manuals -

ProPEX Copper Manifolds

Uponor 1" Copper Valved Manifolds (type "L" copper) feature 1/2" ProPEX outlets. A so

EP Multi-Port Tees

This category contains EP multi-port tees manufactured by Uponor. Tees include: EP b

Uponor EP Valved Manifolds

Uponor's EP Valved Manifold (formerly AQUACENTER) is available with 3 or 4 ProPEX out