Fahrenheat LFP series hydronic heaters combine the comfort and safety of traditional heating systems with the freedom and mobility of portable heating systems. They provide uniform, gentle floor-to-ceiling warmth and comfort for use in the bathrooms, and small areas in homes, apartments, condos and offices.

  • Multiple Wattages: 120 volt models range from 750 watts (2560 BTU/hr) to 1500 watts (5120 BTU/hr). Dual heat model LFP 6152 lets user select 750 or 1500 watts with a turn of a dial.
  • Automatic Thermostat: Automatic thermostat lets you maintain desired comfort level. Merely dial up or down to the level of comfort you prefer. The thermostat will automatically control the heater to maintain that level. Heater design produces gentle, radiant heat even after the thermostat has been satisfied.
  • Contemporary Styling: Low-profile design and Navajo white color blends with any room decor. Tuck-away carrying handle is out of sight when not in use.
  • Steel Unitized Body: High-impact Lexan and steel unitized body resists dents, scratches and rust for long cabinet life.
  • Saves Energy: Between power-on cycles, stored up heat from the liquid filled element keeps on radiating warmth more efficiently than baseboard heaters. Hydronic heaters are energy- efficient because 100% of the heat generated is convected into the room. And individual room control means energy costs are lower than when central heat is wasted on unused rooms.
  • Automatic Thermal Cutout: Linear high temperature cut-out safety checks the entire length of heater and will automatically shut off heater in the event of accidental air blockage.
  • No Maintenance Sealed System: Nothing to fill or replace. No piping, plumbing or water supply. Liquid solution is permanently sealed.
  • Uniform Heat Transfer: Large copper element reservoir maximizes heat retention while oversized aluminum fin surface are helps provide uniform heat transfer the entire length of the heater, assuring operating temperatures well below conventional baseboards.
  • Carrying handle to carry heater from room to room.
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Length (Inches):
2560 - 5120
6.3 - 12.5
750 to 1500
Depth (Inches):
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