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Puraclean Filter Spray 16 oz Bottle


Brand: Qwik Products

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Type: Cleaner

Description for Qwik Products QT2700

Filters treated with PuraClean® do a much better job of removing dust, debris, dander, mold spores and other airborne contaminants from the air in your home with an increase in filtration efficiency by up to 250%

As a first line of indoor air quality defense, the air filter is indispensable. Whether it is a 99 cent disposable or very expensive and pleated, PuraClean® Filter Spray will turn it into an ultra efficient electrostatic version of itself. Ozone safe PuraClean is quick and easy to spray-on without causing your filter to restrict air flow.

Spray both sides of any non-electrostatic filter. Re-spray with every filter change.

Puraclean Filter Spray 16 oz Bottle

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