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Electronic Condensate Drain Sensor


Brand: RCT/Aquaguard

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Product Type: Sensor

Description for RCT/Aquaguard AG-9300

The AG-9300 Series are electronic condensate drain sensors for mini-split or duct-free systems. The AG-9300 Series features the AG-9300-U, which is the first universal condensate water sensor developed to be compatible with all major manufacturers? mini-split or duct-free systems currently on the market in addition to specifically developed electronic condensate drain sensors with exclusive wire harness connectors for Mitsubishi, LG, and Comfort Star units. With a compact control box and probe, the AG-9300 Series are designed to fit completely inside the indoor mini-split or duct-free unit, which provides a clean, quick and easy professional installation. The AG-9300 Series also provides contractors with the flexibility to meet multiple code requirements being enforced in many states today including International Mechanical Code 307.2.3.1, which states ?On down flow units and all other coils that do not have a secondary drain or provisions to install a secondary or auxiliary drain pan, a water-level monitoring device shall be installed inside the primary drain pan. This device shall shut off the equipment served in the event that the primary drain becomes restricted. Devices installed in the drain line shall not be permitted.?


  • Electronic Condensate Drain Sensors for Mini-Split or Duct-Free Systems
  • Universal Condensate Drain Sensor that is Compatible with All Major Manufacturers' Mini-Split or Duct-Free Systems Currently on the Market
  • Specifically Developed Electronic Condensate Drain Sensors with Exclusive Wire Harness
  • Connectors for Mitsubishi, LG, and Comfort Star Units
  • Meets International Building Codes
  • Clean and Professional Internal Installation
  • Audible Alarm
  • Up to 20 Second Make/Break Delay
  • Automatic Reset
  • Long Life Lithium Battery Included (Lasts Up To the Life of the Mini-Split or Duct-Free Unit)
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Battery Audible Alert
  • Patent Pending, UL 508 Approved

  • Electronic Condensate Drain Sensor

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