Radiant Heat Controls

Radiant Heat Controls include actuators, thermostats, and zone valves. These radiant heat controls will operate the flow of water in a radiant heat system.

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Thermal actuators allow zoning by loop on radiant heat manifolds. They are an inexpen

Thermostats & Controls

Here you can find Wirsbo radiant heat thermostats, which offer differential and pulse

Relays & Zone Valves

Pump switching relays control the operation of a single circulator or pump from a 24-

Mixing Valves

We feature Wirsbo tempering valves and motorized mixing valves. Wirsbo 1" three-way t


50 VA Transformer (24VAC) comes with a 4" x 4" metal mounting plate

Uponor Differential Pressure By-Pass Valves

The self-acting, automatic Differential Pressure By-Pass Valve maintains flow rates (

Uponor Climate Control Network System

The Uponor Climate Control Network system offers a variety of configuration of the ma

Viega Controls & Valves

This category contains a variety of Viega's ProRadiant controls, valves and actuators


This category contains Hydromixers manufactured by Caleffi. Hydromixers provide a fix

More About Radiant Heat Controls

Radiant heat controls are essential to any radiant heat installation. Use of the appropriate controls will ensure evenly distributed radiant heat and maximum energy savings.

Circulator pumps, which circulate the water throughout the radiant heat system, are essential for radiant heat installations. The most popular circulators used in radiant heat applications are manufactured by Taco and Grundfos. Thermostats act as the interface between you and your heating system. The thermostat will control when the heat is turned on and how long it stays on to achieve the desired temperature in the room. Zone valves create separate zones for your radiant heat application, allowing different rooms to maintain different temperatures. Actuators provide individual flow control on a manifold serving multiple zones.

In addition to a wide selection of circulators, thermostats, actuators and zone valves, we also offer a variety of other radiant heat controls, including switching relays, mixing valves, differential pressure by-pass valves and climate controls systems.