Radiant Heat Install Parts

When installing a Radiant Heat system there is a need for many specialized parts to properly complete the job. Find everything needed here.

Manuals -

PEX Tube Talons

Tube Talons connect PEX Tubing to wood surfaces. These tube talons can be used for P

PEX Bend Supports

Plastic, PVC, and metal PEX bend supports for Radiant Heat Installations. These bend

PEX Clips

PEX Clips attach PEX Tubing to under the wood subfloor for joist radiant heating appl

PEX Rails

Wirsbo PEX Rails secure PEX Tubing to concrete floors and wood subfloors. These PEX

Fixing Wire & Zip Ties

Specially formulated 6-inch galvanized steel alloy tie secures Uponor Wirsbo PEX tubi

Straight-through Supports

Straight-through Support provides rigid straight-through support for 1/2" tubing as i

Stand-up Brackets

Use Stand-up Brackets in commercial multi-floor construction only. Secure the bracket

Steel Plate Protector

Steel Plate Protector protects tubing from possible damage by drywall, trim screws or

Wire Mesh Clips

Clips for fastening 1/2" and 5/8" tubing to wire reinforcing mesh in concrete pours.

Snap Clips

Nylon clips screw in place and tubing snaps in. Clips flex to hold ViegaPEX tubing s

Glycol Feeders

This category contains several PRESSURE PAL mini-feeders that are compatible with bot

Tubing Organizers

This category contains the PEX-Pal - a tubing collector and organizer for radiant hea

EZ Route PEX Routing

This category contains PEX Routing material manufactured by EZ Route, needed to make

No-Freez Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze

No-Freez, the most trusted name in non-toxic anti-freeze. A chemically balanced inhib

More About Radiant Heat Install Parts

Radiant heat installation parts are the accessories needed to install PEX tubing in radiant heat systems. These include Clamps & Fasteners, PEX Supports, PEX Organizers, PEX Protectors, and Glycol Feeders.

Clamps & Fasteners
PEX Tube Talons connect PEX tubing to wood surfaces. PEX Tube Talons allow an installer to secure tubing to subfloors, wood joists, and studs. It can be used to support tubing for both horizontal and vertical PEX pipe runs, and is compatible with various PEX sizes.

PEX Clips attach PEX tubing to under the wood subfloor for joist radiant heating applications. Drywall screws can be used to secure the PEX clips.

Fixing Wire & Zip Ties secure PEX tubing to wire mesh or rebar in concrete pour applications.

Wire Mesh Clips fasten 1/2" and 5/8" tubing to wire mesh in concrete pour applications.

Snap Clips can be mounted to almost any surface and may be rotated 360 degrees. Snap clips can be used with PEX, copper, and CPVC pipes and can support both vertical and horizontal runs of tubing.

PEX Supports
Plastic, PVC, and Metal PEX Bend Supports provide 90 degree turns when using PEX tubing. PVC bend supports are specifically designed for PEX exiting a slab application.

Stand-up Brackets create 90 degree vertical bends. These supports can be used with PEX as large as 1" in commercial multi-floor or residential slab construction.

Straight-through Supports provide a rigid straight support for 1/2" PEX tubing as it exits a floor.

PEX Organizers
Tubing Organizers position supply and return pipes at the correct spacing required for connection to the manifolds. 5/16" to 3/4" PEX are compatible with these organizers.

PEX Rails secure PEX Tubing to concrete floors and wood subfloors. PEX rails are not designed for joist heating applications. They are used for applications in thin and regular concrete slabs from 1-1/2" to 5" thick.

EZ Route PEX Routing is designed for routing 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" PEX in unison.

PEX Protectors
Steel Plate Protectors defend PEX from possible damage by drywall, trim screws, or nails, etc.

Glycol Feeders
Glycol Feeders automatically add glycol solution to make up for leakage in closed loop water systems. This ensures pressure is maintained even when leakage occurs. PRESSURE PAL mini-feeders are designed for radiant heat systems, large cooling systems, snow melt systems, and home boilers, and are compatible with both water and glycol/water solutions.