Radiant Heat Manifolds

Manifolds play an important role in Radiant Heat applications. Manifolds are the place where supply water from the heat source is separated into smaller lines and dispersed throughout the Radiant Heat System.

Rifeng Radiant Heat Manifolds

This category contains Rifeng stainless steel manifolds, stainless steel manifold pac

Uponor (Wirsbo) TruFLOW Manifolds

This category contains Wirsbo TruFLOW assembled brass manifolds and TruFLOW Jr. Manif

Copper Manifolds

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Uponor (Wirsbo) EP Radiant Heat Manifolds

The Engineered Plastic (EP) Heating Manifold Assemblies feature isolation valves and

Mr. PEX Manifolds

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Caleffi Manifolds

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Uponor Stainless Steel Manifolds

The new Uponor Stainless-steel Manifold is available in 1" and 1-1/4" sizes and c

Viega ProRadiant Stainless Steel Manifolds

This category contains Stainless Steel Manifolds that are manufactured by Viega.

Mixing Stations

A mixing station provides supply water temperature modulation when connected to a va

More About Radiant Heat Manifolds

Radiant heat manifolds play an important role in heating systems. The manifold is the hub of the heating system and distributes supply water from the heat source to distribution lines that circulate hot water throughout the system. They can be used in radiant, hydronic, or snow-melt applications. Each manifold system has a variety of adapters, end caps, and fitting assemblies that can be purchased to customize the manifold for a host of applications.

Rifeng Radiant Heat Manifolds
Rifeng manifolds contain a supply and a return manifold. The supply manifold includes balancing valves that control the temperature of a particular heating circuit, and a shut-off valve with a temperature well. The return manifold contains the valves required for actuator installation. A shut-off valve with a temperature well is also included for the return manifold. These radiant heat manifolds are constructed of stainless steel and are meant for life-long use.

Copper Manifolds
Copper Crimp Manifolds feature a 1" copper supply constructed of type "L" copper. Crimp manifolds require the crimp tool and crimp rings for securing connections to PEX tubing. These manifolds are available in a valve or valveless configurations. Valved Manifolds contain valves at each loop, which provide the ability to isolate different lines. This is especially useful when a leak or necessary repair is required. Crimp ball valves can be manually added to valveless manifolds if desired.

ProPex Copper Manifolds also feature a 1" copper supply constructed of type "L" copper. ProPEX copper manifolds require the ProPEX expander tool and ProPEX rings for securing connections to PEX tubing.

Mr. PEX Manifolds
Mr. PEX manifolds are available in brass or stainless steel construction. Mr. PEX manifolds are available in standard packages. Each package includes a supply manifold containing balancing valves and flow meters, a return manifold with valves required for actuator installation, mounting brackets, fill/drain valves, basic end caps, and adapters to PEX tubing.

Wirsbo TruFLOW Manifolds
Uponor (Wirsbo) TruFLOW manifolds are highly reliable manifold systems featuring an electronic balancing system. Electronic balancing valves and flow/temperature nipples are located on the supply manifold. The electronic balancing system reads the temperature and the flow rate per loop, which then adjusts the system accordingly. This provides an accurately balanced system. The return manifold contains valves required for actuator installation and a fill/drain valve. Fittings needed for connecting loops and supply lines must be purchased separately.

Wirsbo EP Radiant Heat Manifolds
The engineered plastic (EP) heating manifold by Uponor (Wirsbo) is similar to its brass counterpart. Wirsbo EP radiant heat manifolds are constructed of high-performance thermoplastic. It is suitable for use under conditions of high impact, heat, and moisture. They are resistant to corrosion, pitting, scaling, high chlorine levels and ultraviolet light. Wirsbo EP radiant heat manifolds are an economic alternative to expensive copper, brass and stainless steel manifolds.