3 lb. Pyroseal Furnace and Retort Cement Zoom

3 lb. Pyroseal Furnace and Retort Cement


Brand: Rectorseal

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Application: Boiler Cleaner
Size: 3 lbs
Color: Gray

Description for Rectorseal 68614

Pyroseal is a non-asbestos furnace and retort cement. It is smooth, creamy, easy spreading and sticks where you put it. Pyroseal exhibits superior performance in bonding, controlled expansion and contraction to avoid shrinking and cracking. It is easy to apply even in low, below freezing temperatures.


  • Contains no asbestos or OSHA restricted fibers
  • Shrink and crack proof
  • Low freezing point
  • Fire proof and acid resistant

    Applications Pyroseal is recommended for use on high temperature refractory surfaces found in fireboxes and other parts of furnaces, boilers, stoves and stokers used for comfort heating. It works well on flue pipes, clean outs, ducts and chimney collars. When cured Pyroseal is fire proof, acid resistant, shrink proof and crack-proof.

  • 3 lb. Pyroseal Furnace and Retort Cement

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