3/4" RauPEX Tubing (100 ft Coil) Zoom

3/4" RauPEX Tubing (100 ft Coil)


136051-100 has been discontinued.
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SKU: T075-300



PEX Size: 3/4"
Size: 3/4"
Length: 100 ft.
Color: Red
Material: PEX
Tubing Type: Oxygen Barrier
Application: Heating

Description for 136051-100

RauPEX O2 Barrier Pipe is Rehau's trade name for its specially formulated crosslinked polyethylene (PEX-A) pipe manufactured using the high pressure Engel method. RauPEX O2 Barrier Pipe is a durable, highly flexible pipe with enhanced temperature/pressure capability and long-term strength.


  • High degree of crosslinking resulting in durable and flexible pipe
  • RAUPEX O2 Barrier Pipe is 4 times lighter than copper pipe
  • RAUPEX O2 Barrier Pipe is freeze break resistant and actually expands when frozen
  • Smooth interior wall resistant to scaling or corrosion
  • Minimizes pressure surges and resulting noise
  • RAUPEX O2 Barrier Pipe has a co-extruded oxygen diffusion barrier

  • Benefits:

  • bends easily around corners requiring fewer fittings and less installation time.
  • Pipes are not likely to burst when exposed to freezing conditions
  • No concern for reduced flow due to mineral buildup or erosion of pipe
  • Provides quiet operation and minimizes noises associated with water hammer
  • RauPEX O2 Barrier Pipe helps protect ferrous system components from oxidation

  • 3/4" RauPEX Tubing (100 ft Coil)

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