Control all of the electronic processes in a home to the exact measure needed with this selection of Relays.

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Taco Switching Relays

Taco Switching Relays combine clearly-labeled PC board layouts with advanced features

Honeywell Switching Relays

Honeywell Switching Relays provide intermediate switching of a line voltage device fr

Argo Switching Relays

Argo Switching Relays work with circulator pumps to control the flow of water in a he

Azel Switching Relays

This category contains switching relays that are manufactured by Azel Technologies.

Bell & Gossett Switching Relays

Bell & Gossett's ZoneTroll II is a ready-to-install controller for hydronic c

Erie Switching Relays

This category contains Erie Switching Relays.

Caleffi Switching Relays

Caleffi Switching Relays provide multi-zone pump and boiler operating control for mul

Fan Relays

This section contains Fan Relays used for general purpose and heavy duty switching fo

Potential Relays

A potential relay is used in single-phase motors to help start and continue running d

Electrical Switching Relays

This section contains a selection of switching relays.