Rheem Water Heater Parts

Why replace the entire unit when you can repair it? Trust the award winning Rheem to provide you with the Water Heater Parts you need to do so.

Manuals -

Dip Tubes

A water heater dip tube consists of a plastic pipe installed vertically within the wa

Anode Rods

This section contans replacement Anode Rods for Rheem Water Heaters.

Gas Valves

This category contains gas valves manufactured by Rheem.

Burner Assemblies and Parts

This category contains Rheem Burner and Pilot Assemblies, Burner Doors, Pilot Orifice


This category contains Elements that are manufactured by Rheem.


This category contains switches that are manufactured by Rheem.


This category contains thermostats that are manufactured by Rheem.

Blower Assemblies and Parts

This category contains blower assemblies and parts from Rheem.

Installation Accessories

Here you can find Rheem Water Heater Adapters, Drain Pans, and other installation acc

Relief Valves

This category contains Rheem Relief Valves including Temperature and Pressure Relief

Circuit and Control Boards

Here you can find replacement Circuit Boards and Control Boards for Rheem Water Heate

Heat Exchangers & Parts

This category contains Rheem Heat Exchangers & Heat Exchanger Parts such as Gaskets a

Venting Parts

Here you can find Venting Replacement Parts for Rheem and RayPak water heaters.


In this category you will find Rheem replacement parts such as baffle kits, HDR kits,

Drain Valves

Various Rheem replacement Drain Valves can be found here. Brass with Screwdriver, Pol

Fittings & Nipples

This category contains Rheem replacement parts for Water Heaters including fittings s