*** 3/4" trunk connections at the end of the manifold require a 3/4" SharkBite fitting (available separately). Do not solder fittings to this manifold.

The SharkBite® Manifolds combine SharkBite® push-fit technology with the value-added advantages of a manifold. The SharkBite® Manifolds are designed to simplify manifold and pipe installation in Copper, CPVC, and PEX potable water or hydronic heating system. Just insert the pipe and the stainless steel teeth bite down and grip tight - creating a water tight joint.

  • Instant push-fit connection for increased ease of use: No soldering, clamps, unions, tools or glue required.
  • Reduced installation cost: Fewer fittings and connections.
  • Design certified and agency listed: Inspector friendly, peace of mind!
  • Every valve is tested for performance prior to shipping: Specify and install with confidence!
  • Expandable and flexible design: Increase the number of branches simply by connecting two manifolds together with SharkBite fittings.
  • Integral tube liner for PEX installation: Integrated design means no loose components, ensures secure, reliable connection.
  • Designed for hydronic heating as well as potable water distribution.
  • Max Working Pressure: 200 psi
  • Max Temp: 200 F
  • Service: Potable water and hydronic heating
  • Manifold Body: 1" Copper
  • Body: DZR Brass
  • O-Ring: EPDM
  • Grab Ring: Stainless Steel
  • Tube Support Liner: Polysulfone
  • Branch Quantity: 3
  • Branch Size: 1/2"
  • Truck Ends: 3/4" x Spun Closed
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Number of Outlets:
Loop Size:
Trunk Ends:
3/4" x Spun Closed
Trunk Size:
On Center:
Max Pressure (PSI):
Max Temp (F):
Connection Type:
SharkBite (Push-Fit)
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