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Flame Detector Relay 220V


Brand: Siemens

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Product Type: Flame Detector Relay
Application: Accessory

Description for Siemens LFE10

The LFE10 is suited for the supervision of gas flames and luminous or blue-burning oil flames in connection with UV detectors QRA... or a flame rectification probe. It is used primarily in conjunction with the LEC1 burner control on the following applications:

  • Dual-supervision of burners
  • Supervision of the main flame or of the pilot and main flame by two identical or different types of flame detectors
  • Supervision of forced draught oil / gas burners
  • Supervision of the flame with different types of detectors, depending on the operating mode
  • Multi-flame supervision
  • Plants with several burners whose flames must be supervised individually by one or several detectors, whose startup and supervision, however, should or must be carried out centrally and simultaneously by only one burner control
  • The flame safeguards can also be used in connection with other types of burner controls provided the given combination and selected circuitry do not impair the burner control?s safety functions
  • The flame safeguards are also used as flame indication units in combustion plant with manual startup
  • Flame Detector Relay 220V

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