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Compact Universal Burner Controller (0/10VDC,4/20MA)


Brand: Siemens

RWF40.001A97 has been discontinued.
Please contact customer service at
(888) 757-4774 for help finding an alternative.



Product Type: Burner Control Unit
Features: LED Indicators
Type: Universal

Description for Siemens RWF40.001A97

The RWF40 is a compact universal digital boiler temperature / pressure controller providing functions designed specifically for the control of heat generating plant.
The RWF40 is supplied complete with housing for flush panel mounting. The controller is matched to the controlled variable and the required setpoint range by making parameter settings. The control parameters can be set and optimized while the burner is running. All settings are made with four buttons located on the unit front and are directly displayed.
LEDs on the front indicate the following operational statuses:

  • Control ON / OFF
  • Positioning pulses OPEN or CLOSE for driving the burner's air damper when using modulating burner control, or stage I / stage II when using two-stage burner control
  • Position of the configurable contact «K6»
  • Manual control ON / OFF
  • «Two-stage» operating mode
  • During operation, the digital displays above the LEDs show the setpoint (green), the actual value (red) and ? when making parameter settings - the relevant parameters.
  • Controller with:
  • three-position output
  • analog output
  • housing
  • fixing material and seal
  • Compact Universal Burner Controller (0/10VDC,4/20MA)

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