SlantFin Baseboard Heaters

To find out the parts and quantities you will need for your Baseboard application, use our quick and convenient Baseboard Calculator.

We carry a wide variety of SlantFin baseboard heaters, including SlantFin Base/Line 2000 heaters, ideal for heating in tract housing, apartments and renovations, SlantFin Fine/Line 30 baseboard heaters, ideal for high quality installations in homes, apartments and many light commercial applications, and SlantFin Multi/Pak 80 heaters - the ideal choice for deluxe residential heating or for a broad range of light commercial heating requirements. Please note that end caps must be purchased separately.

Manuals -

Base/Line 2000 Baseboard Heaters

SlantFin Base/Line 2000, the competitive baseboard heater from Slant/Fin, is ideal fo

Fine/Line 30A Baseboard Heaters

Long acclaimed by contractors for its construction quality and ease of installation,

Multi/Pak 80 Baseboard Heaters

Multi/Pak 80 is the ideal choice for deluxe residential heating or for a broad range

Multi/Pak 93 Baseboard Heaters

Multi/Pak 93 commercial flat-top baseboard comes painted & packaged with two-piece in

Multi/Pak 95 Baseboard Heaters

Multi/Pak 95 comes packaged with two-piece interlocking top/cover and wall mount brac

Hydronic Floor Boxes

The Slant/Fin Hydronic Floor Box is a recessed floor mounted assembly that provides h