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Optima EBV-200-A Battery Powered Side-Mount-Operator-Over-The-Handle Retrofit Kit Zoom

Optima EBV-200-A Battery Powered Side-Mount-Operator-Over-The-Handle Retrofit Kit


Brand: Sloan

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Product Type: Retrofit Kit
Application: Plumbing
Material: Chrome Plated
ADA: Yes
Operating Pressure: 25-80 psi
Control Circuit: 6 VDC Input
Features: 8 Second Arming Delay
72 Hour Sentinel Flush
Power Method: Battery
Battery Type: (4) Size C Alkaline
Battery Life: 2 Years @ 4000 Flushes/Month
Height: 3-3/8"
Depth (Inches): 4-1/4"
Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty
Commercial Use: Yes
Type: Electronic
Spud Placement: Top

Description for Sloan 3325201

Battery Powered, Sensor Activated, Exposed, OPTIMA(R) SMOOTH(tm) Unit for Closet and Urinal Flushometer Conversions

Side Mount Operator for Water Closets (Toilets) and Urinals


  • Sensor operated
  • Battery powered retrofit kit
  • Easily converts manual flushometer into water saving electronics
  • Side-mount-operator-over-the-handle retrofit kit for water closets and urinals
  • ADA Compliant OPTIMA(R) SMOOTH(tm) Battery Powered Infrared Sensor for automatic "Hands-free" operation
  • Sensor with Automatic Range Adjustment
  • Chrome Plated Metal Sensor Housing
  • Mechanical Manual Override Flush Handle
  • Four (4) Size C Batteries included
  • "Low Battery" Flashing LED
  • "User in View" Flashing LED
  • Sentinel Flush Mode
  • Vandal Resistant 1/8" Ball-Type Hex Key included
  • 25 to 80 psi Operating Range
  • Infrared Sensing with Automatic Adjustment
  • Mechanical Manual Override
  • Four (4) replaceable Size C Batteries

    Easy Installation
    Sloan SMOOTH(tm) works out of the box and installs in minutes. Simply slide the unit over the Flushometer handle and tighten the clamp.

    Sloan SMOOTH(tm) equipped Flushometers provide the ultimate in sanitary protection and automatic operation. There is no need for AC hookups or wall alterations. The Flushometer operates by means of a battery powered infrared sensor. Once the user enters the sensor's effective range and then steps away, the SMOOTH(tm) Unit initiates the flushing cycle to flush the fixture. State-of-the-art Technology enables activation of a manual override without "double flushing" occurring as the user departs (locks out sensor for approximately 10 seconds). 72 hour Sentinel Flush keeps fixture fresh during periods of nonuse.

    The Sloan SMOOTH(tm) Flushometer retrofit kit is the next advancement in hygiene. It uses sensor technology to transform manual installations into electronic, hands-free operation. User makes no physical contact with the Flushometer surface except to initiate the Override Handle when required. Helps control the spread of infectious diseases.

    Automatic operation provides water usage savings over other flushing devices. Reduces maintenance and operation costs. Installation and battery replacement does not require turning off water to the valve.

    3 year (limited)

    Electrical Specifications:

    Control Circuit
    6 VDC Input
    8 Second Arming Delay
    72 Hour Sentinel Flush

    OPTIMA Sensor Range
    Normal Range (recommended for Water Closets) with 2 - 3 second flush delay
    26" - 32" (660 mm - 813 mm)
    Normal Range (recommended for Water Closets) with 1-2 second flush delay
    26" - 32" (660 mm - 813 mm)
    Reduced Range (recommended for Urinals) with 1 - 2 second flush delay
    20" - 26" (508 mm - 660 mm)
    OPTIMA Sensor Type
    Active Infrared with Automatic Adjustment
    Battery Type
    (4) Size C Alkaline
    Battery Life
    2 Years @ 4,000 Flushes/Month
    Indicator Lights
    User in View/Low Battery
    Operating Pressure
    25-80 psi (172-552 kPa)

    NOTE: Side-Mount-Operator-Over-The-Handle (SMOOTH) units DO NOT include a Valve Body, Supply Stop or Vacuum Breaker

  • Optima EBV-200-A Battery Powered Side-Mount-Operator-Over-The-Handle Retrofit Kit

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