Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves are unique in their function due to their utilization of magnetization and electricity to control the flow of water, gas, or air.

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Refrigeration & Industrial Solenoid Valves

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More About Solenoid Valves

What is a Solenoid Valve?
A solenoid is a coil of wire that becomes magnetized when an electric current passes through it. Solenoids often have a hole in their center and a protruding metal rod that is pushed or pulled by magnetism when power is applied. A solenoid valve uses a solenoid to actuate the valve. This allows the flow of water, gas, or air to be controlled with electricity.

Solenoid valves come in various configurations and sizes. They can be normally open, normally closed, or possess a two way configuration. A normally open solenoid valve allows a liquid or gas to flow through unless an electric current is applied, which then closes the valve. A normally closed valve will stay closed until an electric current is applied, which then opens the valve. A two way solenoid valve has three ports: one common, one normally open, and a third which is normally closed.

Certain features should be considered before selecting a solenoid valve, with the most important being the valve's voltage. Other factors that should be considered are: flow capacity, wattage, valve type, pressure rating, and connection type.

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