133 Cast Iron Three-Piece Circulator Pump, 3/4 HP Zoom

133 Cast Iron Three-Piece Circulator Pump, 3/4 HP


Brand: Taco

133 has been discontinued.
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SKU: 133A3E20133119
Brand: Taco



Application: Heating
Material: Cast Iron
Horse Power:
RPM: 1725
Phase: 1
Hertz: 60
Max Flow (GPM): 130
Flow Range (GPM): 0-130
Max Head (Ft): 30
Head Range (ft.): 0-30
Connection Type: Flanged
Connection Size: 3"
Type: Pump
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty

Description for Taco 133

Taco 100 Series three piece circulator pumps are designed to efficiently circulate heated or chilled water in large residential and commercial hydronic systems. They are ideal for primary-secondary systems, as well as parallel pumping designs.


  • Proven Performance: In-Line Cartridge Design Pumps are backed by years of Taco experience in design and manufacture of circulators. Hundreds of thousands are in service.
  • Dependable, Quiet Operation: In-Line Cartridge Design Pumps offer quiet dependable pumping power and long lasting performance. Ideal for heating and/or air conditioning systems requiring high head performance, pressure boosting, and recirculation systems with relatively low volume.
  • Unique Cartridge Design: Replaceable "cooler running" bearing cartridge extends bearing life. With permanently sealed grease lubricated ball bearings, it is virtually maintenance free.
  • Cartridge Bearing Assembly: Cartridge design isolates the bearings from the effects of system fluid temperatures which greatly extends bearing life.
  • Mechanical Seal: Two piece carbon/ceramic seal is standard. Sealide-C/viton available for high temperature and aggressive water applications
  • Alloy steel shaft, Cupro-Nickel shaft sleeve
  • In-Line configuration
  • Impeller: Dynamically and hydraulically balanced
  • Drive Coupling: Rugged flexible rubber construction absorbs angular and parallel misalignment
  • Rugged Motor: Open-drip proof enclosure, Equipped with sleeve bearings for quiet operation, Resilient mounted, Built-in overload protector on single phase models
  • Factory Tested: Every pump is built to Hydraulic Institute standards and operated before shipment
  • Easy Low-Cost Service: No special tools required, One cartridge bearing assembly fits all models - replace cartridge only, not bracket. One mechanical seal fits all models.
Motor: 115V/230V/60/1 PH or 230V/460V/60/3 PH, or 200V/60/ 3 PH

PLEASE NOTE: The product weighs 113 lbs. and may require the use of a
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133 Cast Iron Three-Piece Circulator Pump, 3/4 HP

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