iWORX Network Hydronic Zoning Control Zoom

iWORX Network Hydronic Zoning Control


Brand: Taco

BZU2-1 has been discontinued.
Please contact customer service at
(888) 757-4774 for help finding an alternative.



Width: 6.54"
Height: 5.55"
Depth: 1.75"

Description for Taco BZU2-1

The BZU2 hydronic zoning control is a microprocessor-based controller for adding additional heating zones to hydronics systems that are being controlled by an iWorx® BLM Series boiler controller. It may also be used as a stand-alone zone controller. This application includes control of up to five heating zones and a general heat demand.


Five analog inputs are provided for zone temperature sensors. A digital input is available for a plant alarm. Up to five zone valves or pumps are controlled by digital outputs. An additional digital output is provided for a heat demand output. The controller is based on the LONWORKS networking technology, and communicates with the BLM Series controller over the network. The controller can also be networked to a higher-level control system for monitoring and control applications.


  • Control of up to five heating zones with individual sensor inputs and outputs
  • Networking capability of up to 24 units (120 zones)
  • Individual temperature setpoints for occupied heating of each zone
  • Common temperature setpoint for unoccupied heating
  • Proportional plus integral (P+I) control of heating
  • Heat demand output for a common pump or non-networked heat source
  • Heat demand and zone demand are communicated to a BLM Series boiler control
  • Outdoor cutoff temperatures available when used with a BLM Series or ASM2 Controller
  • LONWORKS interface to building automation systems and host products
  • Automatic configuration with a Local Control Interface (LCI) touchscreen
  • Alarm/Event reporting
  • LonWorks interface to building automation systems

  • iWORX Network Hydronic Zoning Control

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