Electronic, (120V) Auto Reset Low Water Cut-Off (Water) Zoom

Electronic, (120V) Auto Reset Low Water Cut-Off (Water)


Brand: Taco

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Application: Hot Water Boilers
Reset Type: Automatic
Thread Size: 3/4"
Connection Type: Threaded
Max Pressure (PSI): 15 psi (Steam)
160 psi (Hot Water)
Max Probe Temp: 250°F
Max Ambient Temp (°F): 120°F
Delay on Make Timer: 0 seconds
15 seconds
Type: Electronic

Description for Taco LTA1203S-2

The Taco Low Water Cutoff (LWCO) provides accurate and dependable protection for all types of boilers, from small residential hot water boilers to large industrial steam units. The LWCO is a probe-style, microprocessor-based control that detects the fluid level in hot water and steam boilers and reacts when the level falls below the minimum safe operating level specified by the boiler manufacturer.

The Taco LWCO can act as either the primary or secondary low water cutoff on low-pressure steam boilers, the primary limit control on hot water boilers or to protect pumps from running dry in condensate receiver tank applications. The LWCO can also activate alarm systems or automatic water feeders.

Features include:

  • Patented Adjustable Probe Sensitivity
  • External LEDs and Simplified Wiring for Easy Installation and Testing
  • Automatic or Manual Reset Mode
  • Available in 24 VAC or 120 VAC
  • Standard On-Board (NEMA 1) or Remote (NEMA 4) Probe 1/2 or 3/4 NPT Connection
  • LT Models Include External Test Button, Adjustable Delay On Break (DOB) and Delay or Make (DOM) Features

Electronic, (120V) Auto Reset Low Water Cut-Off (Water)

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