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Priority Protection Plug-In Card


Brand: Taco

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Application: Accessory
Accessory For: Taco ZVC EXP Control
Dimensions: 2" x 1.75"
Connection Type: PowerPort Slot on any EXP
Power Supply: 24 VAC (Powered by EXP Control)
Relays: 2 amp
Time Delay: Fixed
1 Hour

Description for Taco PC605-1

The Taco Priority Protection Plug-In Card is a solid state control that helps prevent freeze-ups in the event of a priority zone failure. If the priority zone calls for heat continuously for more than one hour, power is then returned to the space heating zones, allowing all the zones to function independently. Once the priority zone is satisfied, the control?s auto-reset is activated. The next time the priority zone calls, it is again allowed to have priority for up to one hour.


  • Control: Solid State Control
  • Dimensions: 2" x 1.75"
  • Connections: Plugs into any PowerPort Slot on any -EXP Control
  • Power Supply: 24 VAC (Powered by -EXP Control)
  • Relays: 2 amp
  • Diagnostics: LED Light
  • Time Delay: Fixed, 1 Hour

Priority Protection Plug-In Card

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