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Taco PC705 Variable Speed Pump Control


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Application: Boiler Reset
Width: 2-7/8"
Height: 4-3/4"
Depth (Inches): 1-7/8"
Variable Pump: 120 V (ac) 1.8 A 1/2 hp
fuse 2.5 A 250 V
Sensor Type: 1 outdoor air and 2 supply water
Mix Design Temp: 70 to 220°F
Mix Start: 35 to 150°F
Outdoor Design Temp: -60 to 32°F
Boiler Min. Control Temp: Off
80 to 180°F
Warm Weather Shutoff Temp: Off
35 F to 100 F
Power Method: 24V
Ambient Conditions: Indoor use Only: 32°-104°F < 90% RH non-condensing
Relays: 120 V (ac) 5 A - 1/3 hp pilot duty 240

Description for Taco PC705-2

With the Taco Variable Speed Pump Mixing Control you can regulate the supply water temperature to a heating system by simultaneously controlling a boiler and the speed of an injection pump.

Based on the outdoor air temperature, the PC705 continuously adjusts the boiler differential to optimize the firing cycles of the boiler, prevent large water temperature swings and increase the efficiency of your system.

As the heating load changes, the Taco Mixing Control automatically adjusts the injector circulator, increasing its speed as load increases and slowing it with a decreasing load.

The Taco Mixing Control features full diagnostics, including a lighted bar graph that simulates the speed of the variable speed injection pump, warm weather shut down, a maximum supply water temperature setting, and a sensor that can be connected to the boiler to prevent corrosion in the unit due to flue gas condensation.

Taco PC705 Variable Speed Pump Control

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