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LoadMatch Twin-Tee, Ductile Iron, 4" (NPT)


Brand: Taco

TT400T has been discontinued.
Please contact customer service at
(888) 757-4774 for help finding an alternative.



Application: Heating
Material: Ductile Iron
Line Size: 4"
Branch Size NPT: 1-1/2"
Connection Type: Threaded
Flow Capacity (Cv): 714
Size: 4" x 1-1/2"

Description for Taco TT400T

The Taco Twin-Tee® is a patented single pipe fitting designed to replace the two primary circuit tees used to connect a secondary piping circuit to a primary piping circuit in a hydronic system. The Twin-Tee® can be used in both single and two pipe systems.


  • Ensures Decoupled Secondary Piping Circuit: The distance between the two secondary circuit take-off tees in the Twin-Tee® is an absolute minimum. In addition, the takeoffs to the secondary circuits are perpendicular to the primary flow, ensuring no pressure drop between the takeoffs. No flow will occur in the secondary circuit, when the secondary pump is off and the primary pump is on. This also ensures that the flows in other circuits are not affected by the operation of a secondary circuit pump.
  • Internal Baffle Prevents Short Circuiting of Secondary Fluid: An internal baffle between the secondary circuit supply and return connections prevents any short circuiting of secondary fluid from the return to supply connections.
  • Saves on Installation and Maintenance Costs: The Twin-Tee® reduces the number and cost of fittings and field joints required to connect a secondary circuit to a primary circuit. A typical secondary circuit piping connection to a primary circuit requires two tees and four field joints in the primary circuit piping. The Twin-Tee® cuts the number of fittings and primary piping circuit field joints in half, reducing installation costs. Since the number of field joints is reduced the number of potential leak paths is also reduced, which reduces potential operational problems and maintenance costs.

LoadMatch Twin-Tee, Ductile Iron, 4" (NPT)

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