Water & Gas Safety Water Heater Dam

Water & Gas Safety Water Heater Dam


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Description for Taco WD1000-1

The WAGS Water Heater Dam is designed to create a barrier in which leaking water from a failed water heater can accumulate to a minimum level of 7/8" in order to activate the WAGS valve. The WAGS Dam eliminates the need to drain and move the water heater in order to position a pan underneath it. This makes the WAGS Dam ideal for retrofit applications. The Dam can be used with any style water heater (gas, electric, oil, etc.) and on any style flooring surface. The floor surface should not have cracks or gaps greater then 3/8" which could allow water to flow underneath the Dam after installation. Check any applicable national, state or local plumbing codes before installation of this product.

Water & Gas Safety Water Heater Dam

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