3" x 4" Adjustable Concentric Termination (9.8"-13.0" Wall Thickness) Zoom

3" x 4" Adjustable Concentric Termination (9.8"-13.0" Wall Thickness)


Brand: Takagi

TK-KPCT43-3 has been discontinued.
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SKU: 9008148005
Brand: Takagi


Product Type: Venting Part
Vent Type: Concentric Direct-Vent Termination
Wall Thickness: 9.8"to 13.0"
Accessory For: T-D2-IN
Size: 3" (intake)
4" (exhaust)

Description for Takagi TK-KPCT43-3

Note: Takagi-brand venting is now manufactured by Nova Vent (Z-Vent). Tosetz (T-Vent) previously manufactured Takagi venting. This part is an old component in the T-Vent style. Z-Vent and T-Vent parts are not compatible and should not be used together.

Used when terminating direct-vent systems. For use with Takagi direct-vent models that require a 3" intake and a 4" exhaust. This concentric termination provides the convenience of only having to make one penetration through a sidewall instead of two separate penetrations for the intake and exhaust piping. The louver termination acts as a bird screen, restricting small animals, pests, and foreign objects from entering into the vent system. This sidewall termination is available in three different sizes, to cover all ranges of wall thicknesses.


  • Simple Leak-proof gasketed connections (no sealant required)
  • Quick and easy- "Snap-Lock" connections
  • High quality-Category III Stainless Steel
  • Versatility-vertical and horizontal terminations
  • Sliding adjustable pieces and convenience-T-vent kits are available
  • All T-Vent Products are UL Listed
  • All connections have heat resistant rubber gaskets
For Takagi Models:
  • T-KJr2-IN
  • T-K4-IN
  • T-D2-IN

3" x 4" Adjustable Concentric Termination (9.8"-13.0" Wall Thickness)

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