Flat Roof Flashing Zoom

Flat Roof Flashing


Brand: Takagi

TK-KPFR4 has been discontinued.
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SKU: 9007992005
Brand: Takagi


Vent Type: Roof Flashing
Product Type: Venting Part
Diameter (Inches): 5.9"
Width (Inches): 19"
Height: 10-1/2"
Accessory For: T-D2-IN
T-H2-DV Series

Description for Takagi TK-KPFR4

Note: Takagi-brand venting is now manufactured by Nova Vent (Z-Vent). Tosetz (T-Vent) previously manufactured Takagi venting. This part is an old component in the T-Vent style. Z-Vent and T-Vent parts are not compatible and should not be used together.

Flat Roof Flashing provides a water tight protective joint for venting in applications where a flat surface exists.


  • Simple Leak-proof gasketed connections (no sealant required)
  • Quick and easy- "Snap-Lock" connections
  • High quality-Category III Stainless Steel
  • Versatility-vertical and horizontal terminations
  • Sliding adjustable pieces and convenience-T-vent kits are available
  • All T-Vent Products are UL Listed
  • All connections have heat resistant rubber gaskets
For Takagi Models:
  • T-KJr2-IN
  • T-K4-IN
  • T-D2-IN
  • T-H2-DV
  • T-M32
  • T-M32-ASME

Flat Roof Flashing

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