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Power Manager - Three Auxilliary Pumps, Four Demands


Brand: Tekmar

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Application: Power Manager
Type: 3 Auxiliary Pumps
Width (Inches): 11-1/8"
Height: 8-1/16"
Depth (Inches): 2-15/16"
User Interface: LED Lights
Power Supply: 115V (ac)
Relays: 115 V (ac) 10 A
Input: 24 V (ac) < 0.1 VA (Aux.)
Demands: 20 to 260 V (ac) 2 VA (Bus Demands)
Weight (lbs): 3.5 lbs

Description for Tekmar 346

The Power Manager 346 is designed to allow non-tekmar products to interface with a tekmarNet® 4 communicating heating system. It can be used in applications that use 3rd party thermostats, zoning devices, or mechanical equipment that requires a hot water demand from the boiler system. This product provides demand inputs for up to 4 different reset water temperatures (high temp, low temp 1, low temp 2, low temp 3). It has the capability of switching 3 pump outputs and provides wiring for up to 3 tekmarNet® 4 devices, as well as the 4 separate demand inputs to create a heat call on one of up to 4 possible reset water temperatures.


  • tekmarNet® 4 compatible
  • Four tekmarNet® 4 buses
  • Four On-Off demand inputs
  • Converts demands to tekmarNet® 4 communication
  • Three 115 V powered auxiliary pump outputs
  • Internal 50 VA transformer
  • Provides power to tekmarNet® 4 Reset Module
  • CSA C US certified for use in the USA and Canada

Power Manager - Three Auxilliary Pumps, Four Demands

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