Mixing Expansion Module - Actuating Motor Zoom

Mixing Expansion Module - Actuating Motor


Brand: Tekmar

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Application: Mixing
Type: Mixing Control
User Interface: DIP Switch
Ambient Conditions: Indoor Only: 32°-122°F 92% RH up to 104F 50% RH if >104F Altitude<3000m
Power Supply: 24V (ac)
Sensors: NTC Thermistor
10 k ohm @ 77°F
Includes: 071 Sensor
Rotation: 90° rotation
Adjustability: Non-Adjustable
Torque: 53 lb-in
Control Signal: tN4 Bus
Weight (lbs): 1.2 lbs

Description for Tekmar 441

Control Description The Mixing Expansion Module 441 is designed to operate any of the tekmar 3-way and 4-way brass mixing valves from type 710 through type 724. The 441 provides 6 N=m (53 in=lbs) of torque over a 90¼ rotation. The 441 is controlled through digital communication on tekmarNet+4 systems. The 441 requires the use of a tN4 System Control that includes a mix temperature bus.

Control Microprocessor PID control; This is not a safety (limit) control
Literature D 441, J 441, W 441
Packaged Weight 1.2 lb. (520 g), ABS plastic
Approvals CSA C US
Ambient Conditions Indoor use only, 32 to 122¼F (0 to 50¼C).
92% RH up to 104¼F (40¼C), 50% RH if > 104¼F (40¼C)
Altitude <9840 feet (3000 m), Installation Category II, Pollution Category 2
Power Supply 24 V (ac) 50/60 Hz, 4 VA
Control Signal tN4 Bus
System Pump 24 V (ac), 2 A
Angle of Rotation 90¼ rotation, non-adjustable
Running time 105 seconds (60 Hz), 126 seconds (50 Hz)
Maximum torque 6 N=m (53 in=lb)
Sensor NTC thermistor, 10 kΩ @ 77¼F (25¼C ¼ 0.2¼C) + = 3892
Included 1 of Universal Sensor 071
Other Included 2 of anti-rotation stops
1 of coupler with white arrow
1 of coupler with red arrow
1 of hand wheel with red stripe

Mixing Expansion Module - Actuating Motor

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