Two Stage Heat / Heat - Cool Programmable Thermostat (Includes 079 Sensor) Zoom

Two Stage Heat / Heat - Cool Programmable Thermostat (Includes 079 Sensor)


Brand: Tekmar

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Application: Multi Stage (Heat/Cool)
1 Heat/1 Cool
1 Heat
2 Heat
Programmability: 7 Day
User Interface: Push Button
Mount: Horizontal
Options: Fan Control
Large Display
Comes with Sensor
Power Method: Hardwired
Temperature Range (F): 40 to 95°F (Heating)
50 to 100°F (Cooling)
Low voltage
Color: White
Height: 3-11/16"
Width: 3"
Depth: 15/16"
Weight (lbs): .6
Ambient Conditions: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
RH ≤ 90% non-condensing
Control: Microprocessor PID control
Enclosure Type: Nema 1
Sensors: NTC Thermistor
10 k ohm @ 77°F
Floor Sensor Compatible: Yes
Humidity Control: No
Wireless: No

Description for Tekmar 521

The Programmable Thermostat 521 is designed for three different modes of operation: single stage heating, two stages of heating with a fan, or one stage of heating and one stage of cooling with a fan. Two auxiliary sensors may be added to measure the floor, outdoor or room temperature. A Slab Sensor 079 is included to measure floor temperature to protect the floor from overheating and enhance comfort. The programmable schedule supports either a 7 day or 24 hour schedule with 2 or 4 events per day. A permanent temperature hold button overrides the programmable schedule. An optional Adaptor Plate 012 is available to allow the thermostat to mount onto a single gang electrical box.


  • 7 Day Programmable Schedule
  • Backlight
  • Cooling
  • Fan
  • Four Hour Battery-free Clock Backup
  • Optimum Start
  • Outdoor and Floor Temperature Display
  • Permanent Temperature Hold
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Time Clock
  • Two Stage Heating

Two Stage Heat / Heat - Cool Programmable Thermostat (Includes 079 Sensor)

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